Storytelling and improvisational Theatre/Movement address many skills that are used in the work place. Through the exercises in the workshop, a sense of community is developed that allows for a more positive interchange of ideas and collaboration. Creativity is stimulated which is so important to product development, problem solving, decision making and leadership. Communication skills - listening, understanding body language, being aware of the subtleties of spoken language and being effective at expressing an idea - are essential for giving large scale presentations, staff training (leadership), effectively working with personnel (inter and intra personal skills), customer relations, product sales and conflict resolution. Storytelling can also enhance understanding of an organization's history and its culture within which people will be working. This all can lead to more a productive work force and an increase in products and services.

"I believe your program has very high value in a management, team building and creative leadership context. You can't help but come out of your program with an understanding and appreciation for your teammates and knowing better how to unleash the collective creativity of your team. The fact that participants understand the cultural stories of their company is an added bonus. Your storytelling process and warm up exercises are a powerful means to this end. Every company and organization that values teamwork, creativity and innovation could benefit from your services - and that includes about every company I know!"

Armand Rappetti, President, CEO, Crestcom

"You are a gifted teacher. What you have to offer organizations is phenomenal."

Participant, John C. Campbell Folk School

"I was surprised to find that this work provided communications solutions to problems not directly related to storytelling."

Participant, Rowe Conference Center

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