Religious texts are made up of stories. And it is the job of religious leaders to convey those stories and their underlying meaning to their congregants in a way that will inspire. Storytelling can do just that! Communication skills are important for religious leaders both for getting their message out as well as counseling people. These skills are inherent in this work.

Stories can be used as a metaphor in order to frame a perspective or bring home a point. Hearing these stories can help people absorb the meaning easily, inspire them and give them something on which to reflect. Please see the page for therapists for more information.

"I wanted to let you know how my storytelling went over in my church. It was an unqualified success! I preached from the floor level (which I never do) instead of from behind the pulpit and I delivered the post-story part without notes. People certainly noticed the difference and so did I! I felt much more engaged with the congregation than ever before. Many commented that I was "powerful", a comment I have never had about my preaching. It was really fun! Since then, I have found that my preaching style is much more confident, much more expressive. I felt that I could commit to the emotions and characters in the story much more than I was ever able to do in the past. Now three years later, I still incorporate techniques and knowledge I learned in your class. I find getting out from behind the pulpit has helped me to loosen up and emote. Your class has been a real blessing and a help for me. I thank you for your help and I appreciate the color and expression you instilled in us. I hope I have another chance to take a class with you in the future."

Bob Symanski, Minister, Winston Salem, NC

“Your Storytelling Institute will be useful in many ways. Professionally it will be helpful in my role as a Christian Education Director, Sunday School Teacher and as a Teacher of Storytelling. I have even formed many of the Devotions for the bike trip based on some of the activities. Lots of material!”

2008 Storytelling Institute Participant

"Rona, you are a sensitive and talented teacher and a beautiful human being. Something good is happening. I have done a bit of story telling in the synagogue setting and the rush is always present when I feel that the audience is 'with me.' Thanks for all of your help - invaluable!"

Rabbi Herman Blumberg, MA

"I loved how you based a story or two on the Torah portion of the week - a pleasant surprise! The hand movements (Oy Gevalt!) were fun and memorable."

Rabbi David Sirall, GA

"We're still on a high from the wonderful stories the Vav class shared with our community last Saturday night. The students did an outstanding job creating their stories about blessings and friendship. It was fun to see them get up in front of their families and friends to tell their story with such confidence!"

Temple Beth Abraham Religious School, NH

"Through stories we can share a vision of what the world could be like."

Kent Busman, Minister and Director of Camp Fowler, a Christian Reform Camp

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